Featured: 'Vincent was Here' by art photographer Karin Borghouts

Photographer Karin Borghouts followed the trail of Vincent van Gogh through Europe. She also reconstructed more than thirty of his still lifes and photographed them. 'Vincent was here' was a visual investigation that explores the boundary between photography and painting.

The exhibition emphasized locations in Nuenen, supplemented by other places Vincent visited and depictions of his paintings.

Recently Karin Borghouts also photographed all 46 Van Gogh Monuments for the new Atlas Van Gogh in Brabant. This book with extensive descriptions of our monuments, accompanied by beautiful photographs by Karin, is available for sale in our museum store.

'Vincent was Here' was the first exhibition at Van Gogh Village Museum in Nuenen, from April 2023 through Feb. 29, 2024.