Experience Van Gogh in Nuenen

Welcome to Nuenen!

This is where you really get closer to Vincent van Gogh! Even walking in Vincent's footsteps. Standing where he stood. See where he lived. And experience Nuenen as he saw it. And recorded it.

Our museum is still closed for a while but you can go outside and see the many locations he painted or drew during his stay in Nuenen. We know from visitors that a guided tour brings this to life the most.

In total, Vincent van Gogh painted a quarter of his oeuvre in Nuenen. In retrospect, his stay in Nuenen was one of the most important and productive periods of his life. There he made the choice to use the daily, hard life of fellow human beings as a starting point for his painting. The many paintings and drawings are studies, and you can see the progress, the experiments with color, dark and light, practice in painting people, portraits, and the emergence of his typical style. The result is his first masterpiece: The Potato Eaters.

Guided tour of Nuenen

Get to know Nuenen and its many monuments by setting out with the real experts: the guides from Van Gogh Village Museum. They know untold details about Vincent van Gogh's life and have walked or biked through Nuenen with thousands of visitors. Or talked about him in a lecture.

A tour is customized, and can also be done in another language.


Nuenen guides

" Iwould also like you to get to know this corner of Brabant, which I think is much nicer than the Breda side. It is delightful here these days. "

Letter 439 Nuenen, March 18, 1884
  • Staying in a bed and breakfast

    If you want to stay a little longer, there are several bed and breakfasts in Nuenen such as the Kostershuisje or near the Opwettense Watermolen: Bed and Breakfast Opwetten. For a complete and up-to-date overview, check booking.com or tripadvisor.

    Staying in a bed and breakfast
  • Staying at a hotel

    In Nuenen, near the Park where there are some Van Gogh Monuments, you can find Parkhotel Auberge Vincent. Right in the center of Nuenen.

    Staying at a hotel
  • Staying at a vacation park

    Bospark 't Wolfsven is an informal vacation park between Nuenen and Mierlo. Great for an outing with the family!

    Staying at a vacation park
  • Or choose the city: Eindhoven

    Nuenen is a stone's throw from Eindhoven. This offers the ideal opportunity for a weekend away: with a mix of high tech and industrial design and the outdoor museum Van Gogh Village Nuenen as well as the space and nature of Nuenen and its surroundings.

  • Vincent, born in Zundert

    On March 30, 1853, Vincent van Gogh was born in Zundert.

    At the VVV office at Vincent van GoghHuis, a nice, compact walk of about 20 minutes is available. The booklet leads you along the highlights of Van Gogh's Zundert. The walk can possibly be extended with a 30-minute tour. In it you will experience Vincent's fascination with nature and farm life.

    Van GoghHuis Zundert
    Vincent, born in Zundert Vincent van GoghHuis Zundert
  • Vincent grew up in Etten Leur, drawing

    The family Van Gogh has lived in Etten, Brabant, for seven years. Here Vincent received his first studio. It was in Etten that he became an artist. And no doubt he sat under the Moeier tree from time to time.

    Van Gogh Etten-Leur
    Vincent grew up in Etten Leur, drawing
  • Vincent Van Gogh in 's Hertogenbosch

    Het Noordbrabants Museum houses original works by Vincent van Gogh as the only museum location in Brabant.

    They tell the story of the artist's Brabant origins and his great fascination with farm life.

    Works by the artist hang in the Van Gogh pavilion.

    Van Gogh in 's Hertogenbosch
    Vincent Van Gogh in 's Hertogenbosch Water Mill at Kollen Near Nuenen Eindhoven, Nuenen 1884, private collection.