Winter in Brabant

Winter with Van Gogh in Brabant

Welcome to the world of Vincent van Gogh, where winter is not just a season, but a source of inspiration. In Brabant, the region where Van Gogh spent his most formative years, winter transforms the landscape into a living painting, rich with stories and beauty. From the serene gardens and village scenes he captured to the paths he hiked, winter in Brabant offers a unique opportunity to experience the essence of Van Gogh's work and life. Bring on that winter!

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Opening hours Van Gogh locations

During the Christmas vacations you can fully enjoy the exhibitions at the Brabant Van Gogh locations. What is on display where and what are the opening hours?

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Christmas with Vincent

Christmas was a celebration lived intensely by the Van Gogh family. The whole family looked forward to it. Vincent loved the domestic conviviality, having his father, mother, brothers and sisters around him.
That is why he was almost always at home for the holidays.

Wondering how Christmas was celebrated in the Van Gogh family and how Vincent experienced it?

Christmas with Vincent

" Van Gogh over winter, Nuenen 1885 "

"I don't know if you remember in January, when the snow was on the fields and the sun was rising red in the haze..."