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A visit to Etten-Leur begins with a visit to the Tourist Information Point. This is located - together with the Vincent van Gogh Information Point & Van Gogh museum shop - in the Etten-Leur City Shop in the heart of the city center, at Markt 4. A beautiful little building that is also an official Van Gogh monument. How beautiful do you want it? Our volunteers are ready for you!

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The shop offers a wide range of Etten-Leur products, from beers to liquors, from mugs and coffee cups to postcards, from magnets to buttons, from key chains to cooking aprons, from hoodies to wall tiles, even from rompers to bibs. Great as a souvenir, a gift or just to have!

The Van Gogh museum shop lets you experience Vincent van Gogh with an extensive assortment based on the most famous masterpieces, such as the Sunflowers, Almond Blossom and Irises. The prints can be found on mugs, napkins, bags, boxes of all kinds, magnets, card holders, wallets, soaps, t-shirts, potholders, games, books and much more.

Please feel free to drop in!

Address, Opening Hours & Contact

The Tourist Information Point and the Van Gogh museum store are located in the Etten-Leur City Shop.

Visiting address: Markt 4, 4875 CE, Etten-Leur, +31 765019788
Opening hours: The shop is open during the winter period on Thursday, Saturday and every third Sunday of the month from 13.30-17.00 and on Wednesday (weekly market) and on Friday from 11.00-17.00.
E-mail contact: (info point) and (Van Gogh museumshop)
Website: (info point)