Plan your visit

Plan your visit

Vincents Tekenlokaal represents the old craft of drawing as well as new drawing techniques such as digital drawing. You will find Vincents Tekenlokaal in The Palace of Tilburg: a monumental place, where Vincent van Gogh had drawing lessons as a 13-year-old boy over 150 years ago. In the 19th-century drawing room you go back in time and on the 21st-century digital tablets the possibilities are endless.

Visit Vincents Tekenlokaal with your class

Book a challenging drawing class now at Vincents Tekenlokaal for elementary, secondary, college and high school. Experienced drawing teachers offer a combination of analog and digital experiments. Booking is easy through the ticketing system.

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Drawing classes and workshops

For drawing enthusiasts from young to old, the drawing room organizes drawing courses and workshops. You work with different materials, techniques and enthusiastic drawing teachers. For drawing enthusiasts between the ages of 10 and 14, there is the special talent program The New Vincent.

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