Organization Nuenen

Organization Foundation van Gogh Village Nuenen


To preserve, open up and let people experience the life story and cultural heritage of Vincent van Gogh in Nuenen, as a source of inspiration for (inter)national visitors of all ages.


Van Gogh Village Nuenen wants (inter)national recognition and acknowledgement of the importance of the Nuenen period of Van Gogh. By literally following in his footsteps, more and more visitors experience that they cannot get any closer to Van Gogh, the foundation contributes to an improvement of the leisure economy in Brabant and the tangibility of Van Gogh inspires the creativity of the manufacturing and knowledge industry in the Brainport region of Southeast Brabant.


For the coming years, our focal points are:

  • Operating the museum and open-air museum (heritage sites).
  • Realizing expansion of museum
  • Collaborate locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • Organization of events and activities.
  • Appoint Collection Policy.
  • Provide education.
  • Fill social role towards groups in society.

Organization with volunteers

The foundation Van Gogh Village Nuenen is a large organization in which about 200 volunteers are active. All are people, who take great pleasure in their work, like to share their knowledge, want to be of significance and of course show the famous Brabant hospitality. Their respect for Vincent van Gogh is paramount.

  • Jan Kees Lemkes (chairman)
  • Jan van Hout (treasurer)
  • Arno Aarts (board member)
  • Jeroen Veldkamp (board member)

*Board members are volunteers and unpaid. Outside positions.

Board members have joined based on their competencies and qualities, forming an appropriate mix within the board. Some board members have now reached the maximum term of office. Due to the realization of the expansion of the Van Gogh Village Museum (open May 2023), continuity was chosen for the current board term.

The amendment to the bylaws (March 2023) capped the term of office in accordance with the guidelines of the Governance Code of Culture. In June 2023, the process began to seek new board members. Changes are anticipated in 2024.

Chamber of Commerce: 17140776

The Inland Revenue designates the Van Gogh Village Nuenen Foundation as a General Beneficial Institution (ANBI).

Registration under RSIN/tax number: 810375680.

VGVN Annual Report 2023

Financial Statements 2023

Policy Plan 2024-2028

Standard form publication requirement ANBI General



Simone van der Heiden

Daily management
  • Urban van Gils
  • Peter van Merode
Marketing Team
  • Vera Hussaarts
  • Jan Kees Lemkes
  • Anke Prinssen
  • Dorine Saes
  • Frank van Welie (photography)
  • Peter van Merode
  • Carolijn Segers
  • Ad van Rooij
  • Peter van Overbruggen
  • Hans Keijzer
Guides steering committee
  • Yvonne Geerling
  • Hans Keijzer
  • Peter van Overbruggen
  • Jos Verbunt
Engineering and Housing
  • Peter Bastiaansen
  • Karel Lammers
  • Ad van Rooij
Organization Volunteers
  • Margriet Bastiaansen
  • Hanny van den Dungen
  • Henriette Matse
  • Annemieke Netten
  • Sephy Story
  • Pieta Ulijn
Tourist office - Museum entrance - Shop
  • Gofie van der Linden
  • Gerda Vis
  • Len Fraser
  • Margriet Bastiaansen
  • Sabine Hendrikse
  • Francien Naus
  • Mieke Peters
  • Marianne van de Donk
  • Zeno Houwers
Arrangements schools
  • Zeno Houwers
  • Hans Mets

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