Van Gogh at Brabant

Don't miss 2024: Year of the Sunflower!

Celebrate the Year of the Sunflower with us this year. A year full of inspiration and unique experiences. A year of sowing and growing, blooming and harvesting. The country flower, as Van Gogh called it, will be honored in abundance this year with artistic sunflower fields, bicycle routes in bloom, prominent exhibitions and cultural events. It has been 100 years since Vincent's famous Vase of Sunflowers landed at the National Gallery in London. And still today, the sunflower inspires people around the world with its majestic stature and symbolic charge.

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Visit Van Gogh in Brabant

Anyone curious about Vincent van Gogh, his origins, his childhood, his passions, his choices and his work cannot ignore Brabant. Visit the numerous sites, monuments and landscapes that recall his time in Brabant. Visit our heritage sites and museums and step outside in his footsteps.
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"Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, Nuenen, May 1884. "

"...And the Brabant that one has dreamed, that is where reality sometimes comes very close..."

Walking and biking through Van Goghs Brabant - Experience the unique combination of nature and heritage

Van Gogh Hiking trails

Getting even closer to Vincent. Following in his footsteps even more. Literally! There were five Van Gogh NP Hiking trails from Van Gogh National Park: Nuenen (10 km), Zundert (8 km), Etten-Leur (14 km), Tilburg (16 km) and Helvoirt (15 km). That will be enjoying the landscapes Vincent loved so much combined with the heritage and Van Gogh Monuments he left us.

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Van Gogh Bicycle routes

The award-winning Van Gogh cycling route consists of 435 km of cycling fun, divided into ten unique routes along all Van Gogh monuments. You will enjoy the varied landscapes of Brabant and pass places that have shaped Van Gogh.

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Van Gogh Museum Shops

The Van Gogh heritage sites in Nuenen, Etten-Leur and Zundert also have a cozy and extensive museum shop. You will find a wide range of walking and cycling routes and gift items for young and old. If you are looking for original gifts, this is the place to be. You can also have a nice gift package put together. Tip towards Easter!

Museum Shops