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Vincent van Gogh loved windmills. During his years in Brabant, but also afterwards, he saw, described in his letters, drew and painted quite a few. In Brabant alone there are about 130 polder, corn, wind and water mills. You can discover most of them by walking or cycling, but the great thing is that you can also visit quite a few. This is a special way to get to know these landmarks in our landscape and the miller's craft.

During his long stay in Brabant, Van Gogh proved particularly fond of water mills. There are some wonderful examples in the vicinity of Nuenen. How nice, therefore, that numerous parties have joined the Watermill Landscapes project, part of Van Gogh National Park. The project is part of the so-called Heritage Deal. This is an alliance of thirteen partners that focuses on the meaning and future of heritage in a changing Netherlands. Brabant coast its water mills awake!

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Vincent van Gogh decided only at the age of 27 to do what made him famous worldwide: become an artist. In barely ten years (1880-1890) he produced about 900 paintings and 1100 works on paper. He also left behind a correspondence of 902 letters. His legacy (and inspiration) is scattered all over the world, at museums and in private collections. On this page we are working on a concise overview. Initially of the locations in Brabant and the rest of the Netherlands.