Life and work of Vincent in Zundert


Reformed church, the church where Rev. Van Gogh preached

Vincent grew up as the son of Pastor Theodorus van Gogh who preached in this church in Zundert. Initially, he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. But after an unsuccessful career as an evangelist in the Borinage, a Belgian mining region, he turned away from the institution of church and his faith became a private matter.



Tomb brother Vincent

The cemetery still contains the grave of Vincent's oldest brother who was born dead. That was exactly one year before the birth of Vincent himself. Emotionally, that grave had little meaning for Vincent. For him, the cemetery was rather one of the places where he played as a child and where he enjoyed the silence.

1853 - 1869

The old village pump, residents of Zundert speak about Van Gogh

The village school used to stand at the corner of the market, opposite Hotel de Roskam. Vincent was taught there from January to October 1861. However, he was removed from school because his dealings with the village children apparently made him too rough. When Benno Stokvis inquired in the village in 1926, the villagers remembered him mainly as a quiet and ordinary boy.


Van GoghHuis, birthplace of Vincent van Gogh

March 30, 1853, Vincent was born on this spot. His birthplace was replaced in 1903 by the current building, which has housed the Vincent van GoghHuis since 2008. Vincent enjoyed a carefree childhood. Vincent left Zundert permanently in July 1869. But he often thought back on it with melancholy.

1853 - 1869

Garden Van GoghHuis, memories of sister Lies

On the long walks the family took, he conceived his love of nature. Vincent's sister Lies wrote her romanticized memories of her brother and their childhood in Zundert in 1910. It shows how much Vincent loved everything that grows and blooms. This strong love for the landscape and the countryside would never let him go.