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Did you know that the North Brabant town of Etten-Leur marked a turning point in Vincent van Gogh's life in 1881? That he began his artistic career here? That it was here that he registered as a painter for the very first time? That this is where he had his first studio?
That he regularly visited the Reformed church during the seven years his family lived here and that you can follow in his footsteps here?
Stand where Vincent stood and see what he saw. How special is that!

Van Gogh Church: a unique heritage site with a colorful story

In a permanent exhibition at the Van Gogh Church, you will see and hear the story of the importance of Vincent's period in Etten-Leur. This fascinating story is told with a timeline, informative wall panels, display cases, sculptures, colorful windows and a beautiful animation. And what makes it all even more rewarding: there is always a guide present in the church to answer your questions.
Full of passion, just like Vincent!
Please note: from November 18 to December 3 there will be a special changing exhibition!

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More Van Gogh Etten-Leur

As an artist, Vincent van Gogh was at the center of his times. What did simple village life in Etten-Leur look like around 1900? What did Van Gogh find so inspiring about it? Museum The Art of Living in the picturesque Sint Paulushofje - just a few hundred meters from the Van Gogh Church - explains it all in detail.

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The golden triangle of Etten-Leur, Zundert and Breda

Etten-Leur, Zundert and Breda. Together they tell a wonderful Van Gogh story!
How special it is that one of the most famous artists in the world - Vincent van Gogh - started his artistic career in Etten-Leur. But also that he was born nearby, in Zundert, and that much of his family lived in beautiful Breda. From Etten, Vincent often took walks to Breda (especially the Princenhage district) and towards Zundert. You are guaranteed a fun weekend if you visit these three places in "the golden triangle" in a few days. For example, using one of our Van Gogh cycling routes.

Experience the Van Gogh triangle

Take a tour with a local guide!

Van Gogh community of Etten-Leur is enjoying increasing interest from visitors. There is no more fun way to get acquainted with Etten-Leur than to go out with a local guide!

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Hiking tip!

Vincent van Gogh often walked long distances through the Etten-Leur area. How beautiful it is to now be able to walk in his footsteps through Van Gogh National Park. This walking route (14 km) is a pure nature walk that starts and ends at De Menmoerhoeve. The route, like the Van Gogh Bicycle Route, is available at the Etten-Leur City Shop / Tourist Information Point at Markt 4.


Nov. 18 - Dec. 3: Exhibition Farile Art & Design

The Focus NatuurEL nature photo exhibition Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 November 2023 at Van Gogh Church was a great success. Over 900 visitors enjoyed some 80 photos from Van Gogh National Park in the Etten-Leur, Zundert, Breda triangle. In 2024, the exhibition will also be shown in other locations.
From Nov. 18 to Dec. 3, the church will host yet another temporary exhibition, the opening exhibition of Farile Art & Design.


See it with your own eyes

It is not The Hague, Brussels, London or Paris, but the North Brabant town of Etten, where Vincent van Gogh makes a serious start to his career as an artist. He is 27 years old when he settles in this village (video) after stalled career attempts as an art dealer, teacher, bookseller and evangelist.

Van Gogh Etten-Leur (without titles)
  • Van Gogh Etten-Leur (without titles)

Don't miss "Selfie Wall" in the Inner Garden (back of church)!