Sustainability was a given in the construction of the new Van Gogh Village Museum.

A design requirement. The construction itself used sustainable materials wherever possible. In the museum, we reused as much as possible, where we could. Much is not visible, so time to mention this though!

  • The ceramic tile tiles protect and insulate.
  • A huge amount of insulation material has been incorporated into our building.
  • The aluminum frames contain double-thick insulated glass.
  • Inside the building, the heat pump system provides a pleasant temperature and fine climate inside.
  • The entrance is a lock, to keep out cold, or heat.
  • The materials used throughout the property are sustainable, right down to the poplar wood in the store.
  • Energy we generate ourselves through solar panels.
  • The garden behind the building contains local plantings from Vincent's time, and that has led to a squirrel now living in the museum garden.
  • At our bee hotel, you can hear buzzing and humming.

Sustainability is also reflected in how we want to go beyond preserving the heritage and telling Vincent's story. We would also like to pass on what we learned from him to future generations.