Vincent's painting friends

His students, his painting friends.

Vincent makes frequent trips to Eindhoven. He gave lessons to amateur artists in the house of Antoon Hermans, bought his paint from Baijens, his printing ink from the Gestel & Zn firm, and visited his friend Anton Kerssemakers who lived diagonally across the street from what was then the train station. He even gets piano lessons there for a while, but turns out to have more of an eye for color, than for timbre.

Keizersgracht, circa 1895

Works of art in our museum

Van Gogh's pupils are all from Eindhoven: Dimmen Gestel, Antoon Hermans, Anton Kerssemakers and Willem van de Wakker. Van Gogh teaches them to paint even better. They are friends and deserving amateur painters. The "painting club" meets at the drawing school on the Markt in Eindhoven.

The Van Gogh Village Museum features original artwork by these four painter friends.

This was made possible by the foundation The Friends of Vincent van Gogh & Nuenen, together with the Eindhoven Museum.

Marktstraat 1, Eindhoven (circa 1865)

Anton Kerssemakers

Willem van de Wakker

Dim Gestel

Anthony Hermans