Becoming Vincent

Spring fever!
Come to Brabant now , discover the life of Vincent of old and be inspired!


"Vincent to Theo, 1878 "

"...'t was such nice weather here and one feels that it is springtime. Outside one could probably have heard a lark, but in the city it is difficult..."

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Those curious about Vincent van Gogh's life and work cannot ignore North Brabant.

Many places will tell you about his roots, his childhood, his youth, his dreams, passions, loves and experiences. How did these stages of life shape him, lead him to some crucial choices and how did they lead to beautiful letters, sketches, drawings and paintings?

Becoming Vincent tells this story, indeed it is the impressive story of the genesis of the painter and human being Vincent van Gogh. A universal story that intrigues from both a cultural-historical and a universal-human perspective and that connects a great diversity of historical facts, locations and themes into one inspiring whole.


The story of Becoming Vincent has now been translated into an impressive film. This film can be seen from April 20, 2023 at the completely renovated Van Gogh Village Museum in Nuenen (later also at heritage sites in Zundert and Etten-Leur).

The film shows the broad context of Vincent's life and work. You see the great connections between the landscape and environment of Vincent's youth and the themes in his work.

The innovative film (about 15 minutes) shows a perspective you normally never see. You are taken into Vincent's world of experience as you have never experienced it before. A unique film, therefore, that you must have seen.

Film premiere in Nuenen

The film Becoming Vincent will premiere at the all-new Van Gogh Village Museum in Nuenen in April 2023. You must have seen this!

Later, the film will also be shown at heritage sites in Zundert and Etten-Leur.

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"Vincent in a letter to his brother Theo, Nuenen 1884 "

"And the Brabant that one has dreamed, that's where reality sometimes comes very close here."

Teaser from Becoming Vincent.

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