Van Gogh following, Henri van der Waals

Henri van der Waals, touched by Vincent

Henri van de Waals was born in Amsterdam on August 14, 1904. He appears to have a talent for drawing at an early age. At the art academy in Antwerp, he falls under the spell of Vincent van Gogh.

With Van Gogh as his great example, we recognize themes and Vincent's style in his drawings and paintings, especially from his early period. We see people, working in the fields, flower still lifes, farmhouses and landscapes.
His brushstroke is rhythmic with loosely drawn strokes as seen at Van Gogh.


As an artist, Henri follows in the footsteps of Vincent. For example, he stayed for a long time in the parsonage in Nuenen, with the Hofkes family. Here he worked in and around Vincent's former studio. After many wanderings he finally ended up in Ommen.

"Nuenen is sacred ground for me, Vincent gets under my skin and doesn't let go; each new day is a day of wonder for me."

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