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Vincents Tekenlokaal

As of early October 2022, Vincents Tekenlokaal is back at the Palace of Tilburg. This is the place where he himself took drawing lessons as a child at the then Rijks-HBS. No one knew then that he would become so famous. From the end of October, the Drawing Room can be visited!

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Vincent's first drawing lessons

At the age of 13, Vincent van Gogh came to Tilburg from Zundert in 1866 to be taught at the brand-new Rijks Hogere Burger School. It was the only HBS in North Brabant. Vincent moved into a boarding house on Haringseind, today's Anna Square, at the beginning of Korvelseweg.

Life and work

Van Gogh Monuments

Tilburg has two Van Gogh Monuments: the Palace-Council House at Stadhuisplein 128 and Vincent's former boarding house at Sint Annaplein 18.

Van Gogh Monuments

Colorful mosaic

On and around St. Annaplein, several items recall Vincent's time in Tilburg. Here there is a Tilburgs Bèngske with a mosaic of Vincent van Gogh. A silhouette artwork can also be admired here, and the texts and shovels on the square refer to Van Gogh.

Van Gogh Cycling route Tilburg

Discover Vincent's heritage in Tilburg and the surrounding area by bicycle. An accessible 48 km route takes you past monuments and landscapes related to Vincent's life and work.

Van Gogh Bicycle route

Van Gogh Walks Tilburg

Tilburg has two walking routes: the "Vincent van Gogh route Tilburg" (3 km) and the Van Gogh National Park walking route: Van Gogh Wandelroute Tilburg (16 km).