Seeing & Doing

Welcome to Van Gogh community of Etten-Leur!

Close to bustling Breda you will find our beautiful municipality (44,000 inhabitants) which has five official Van Gogh Monuments, plenty of urban amenities and village coziness for a pleasant stay. Etten-Leur can surprise you! These are the steps you can take in the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh:

1 Your visit to Van Gogh Etten-Leur starts at our information point in the Etten-Leur City Shop at Markt 4. Here our volunteers will show you around. The picturesque building is also your entrance to the Van Gogh Church and the ideal starting point for various walks and bicycle tours.

2 Of course, a visit to Etten-Leur is not complete without visiting the Van Gogh Church. Here everything is told about Vincent's arrival, stay and departure from Etten. Following or preceding your visit, you can watch the wonderful docu-film 'Vincent van Gogh, a sower in Etten' in our Petit Cinema. The film lasts just under half an hour and is absolutely worth watching!

3 In addition to a visit to the church, you can also take a look at Museum De Kunst van het Leven, a little further on the Market Square, in the beautiful Sint Paulushofje. In the hofje and in the museum you will take a step back in time and learn a lot about the history and development of Etten-Leur.

4 A visit to Van Gogh Etten-Leur is extra fun and interesting with a City Walk. Our guides will tell you about the rich history and places with great stories.

5 At the Info Point you can find numerous walking and cycling routes. And a nice souvenir, of course.