All youth free to Van Gogh Village Museum thanks to ASML

ASML enters into a three-year partnership with the Van Gogh Village Museum. Both parties want to show young people the inspiring story of Vincent van Gogh and discover the interaction between technology and art in the Light Lab. By providing free admission for children and young people up to 17 years of age. It will also further expand the educational program around Vincents Lichtlab. The partnership arose from the collaboration around Vincents Lichtlab at the museum in Nuenen.

A year ago, Queen Máxima opened the renovated Van Gogh Village Museum in Nuenen with its brand new Vincents Lichtlab. "Technology, art and creativity come together here in an experience specially designed for youth aged 9 to 16," said museum director Simone van der Heiden.

Based on Vincent van Gogh's idiosyncratic and inquisitive attitude and his perseverance, young people discover for themselves the effects of color and light. Therein also lies the parallel between ASML and Van Gogh. Everything revolves around light. For some this means more technical possibilities and for others a better understanding of what light does to color in a painting. Light, Brabant and perseverance are typical Vincent and so is ASML.

Free admission for youth through 17
As of July 1, children and youth - ages 0 through 17 - no longer have to pay admission to the museum. This also applies to children and youth who visit the museum through school. A special program is being developed for school visits.

"We put our money where our mouth is here. Youngsters discover for themselves here in the museum the inspiring story of Vincent van Gogh and in the Light Lab they learn about the interaction between technology and art. Starting with the new school year, we look forward to welcoming many schools from the region in addition to families," Van der Heiden said.

In addition to the current audio tour for all visitors, there will soon be a separate audio tour specifically composed for young people. The brotherly love between Vincent and Theo plays an important role in it.

Program manager community involvement ASML, Carl Leen says, "Van Gogh is one of the most famous and inspiring Brabanders worldwide. As a Brabant-based company, we are proud to further contribute to the museum in Nuenen and open it to the next generation. The rebellious, innovative side of Vincent van Gogh is something valuable to cultivate in our region. It is this inquisitive attitude that we would like to transmit to the children and young people of this region."