Van Gogh Brabant

The Brabant locations where Van Gogh lived and worked have joined forces under the name Van Gogh Brabant . Three heritage sites, 40 Van Gogh Monuments, Vincents Tekenlokaal and a collection of original works at Het Noordbrabants Museum tell his life journey. Visitors follow the trail from his childhood in Zundert, to the start of his career in Etten, from drawing lessons in Tilburg to his first masterpiece in Nuenen. Van Gogh Brabant is partly funded by the Province of North Brabant and is a partner in Van Gogh National Park.

Annual Report Van Gogh Brabant 2022

Van Gogh Sites Foundation

The Van Gogh Sites Foundation is committed to the preservation and development of the Van Gog heritage. The Foundation aims to increase the social and economic significance of the heritage through exhibitions, educational programs in and around the Van Gogh Monuments. The focus is on the life story of the painter and its relevance for current and future generations. The Van Gogh Sites Foundation is the organization behind the Van Gogh sites, Van Gogh Sites NV and Van Gogh Brabant . The Foundation cooperates closely with the European Van Gogh museums and heritage sites, united in Van Gogh Europe and with Van Gogh National Park. The Foundation has the status of a public benefit organization (ANBI). Donors of cultural ANBIs are eligible for an extra gift deduction.

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Van Gogh Sites N

The Van Gogh Sites Foundation established the Van Gogh Sites NV in 2018. With this organization, a concrete step is taken towards the preservation of some Van Gogh sites in Brabant. In the future, this Van Gogh Sites NV intends to work to acquire several Van Gogh Monuments in order to protect and preserve them for the future.

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Van Gogh Europe

Three countries, six museums, nine heritage sites and 14 cities are working together within Van Gogh Europe to preserve, develop and share Vincent van Gogh's legacy. Van Gogh Brabant is part of that collaboration. The website Route Van Gogh Europe provides visitors with information about the various locations in Europe where Vincent van Gogh lived and where his art can be seen.

Route Van Gogh Europe

"Governance and Organization "

Van Gogh Sites Foundation

Van Gogh Brabant is the joint name of the Van Gogh Sites Foundation, the Van Gogh Sites NV and the collaborating local Van Gogh organizations in Brabant. Check Van Gogh Sites for ancillary positions.

Supervisory Board Van Gogh Sites Foundation

Mr. Edzo Doeve (chairman) - Mr. Simon van den Boomen - Ms. Annemarie Moons

Board/Directorate Van Gogh Sites Foundation

Mr. Frank van den Eijnden - Ms. Simone van der Heiden

Advisory Board

Mr. Jan Kees Lemkes (chairman) - Mr. Johan Brosens - Ms. Birgitte Birnie - Mr. Jeroen Veldkamp - Mr. Lex besselink - Mr. Bert Schluter

Supervisory Board Van Gogh Sites N

Mr. Bert van der Els (chairman) - Mr. Maurice Horsten - Mr. Edzo Doeve


Ms. Simone van der Heiden

Foundation Trust Office Van Gogh Sites N

Jan van Hout (director)