Van Gogh bedroom

Spend the night in a unique bedroom? Hotel Riche in Boxmeer offers excellent accommodations for Van Gogh travelers.


Unique single room

The iconic bed that Vincent van Gogh immortalized in 1888 in his little room in Arles, France, stands in Boxmeer, Brabant. It ended up in Boxmeer in 1945. At least, that was recently claimed by English art historian and Van Gogh expert Martin Bailey. According to Bailey, Van Gogh 's bed was moved to Van Gogh's brother in Laren after his death and moved to Boxmeer after the war.

Boxmeer went in search of Vincent van Gogh's bed. The search yielded nothing, but that didn't stop the hotelier from completely modeling a room after Van Gogh's famous 1888 painting "The Bedroom. The colors on the walls, the wooden floor, the paintings and even the water jug on the table ...