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Van Gogh Village Museum

- Illustrates Vincent's life in Nuenen and the importance of his Brabant period to his overall oeuvre.
- Shows the creation of his first masterpiece The Potato Eaters and his journey there, with the many studies of hands, heads and peasants.
- With changing exhibitions.
- Vincents Lichtlab: explore for yourself the effects of light and color in surprising ways. Just like Vincent van Gogh did in his time.
- With a large store and a cozy coffee corner with reading table and cookies baked especially for us, fresh every day!

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The Nuenen period is of decisive importance for Vincent van Gogh, and is decisive for what he painted in France. The fascinating story of his life in Nuenen, and his search for light, color and perspective, resulting in his first masterpiece The Potato Eaters, is the focus of our museum.

Vincent's Light Lab is part of our museum. Here you can experience for yourself how light and color work. Do you look with your eyes, or with your brain?



With your own group on a guided tour, you can! You can choose the village walk or the nature walk. Or what you want, both, or a route of your choice. Team Arrangements delivers customization and always thinks along!

Guided walking is also possible by joining a group walk. On Saturdays and Sundays at 3 p.m., there is always a guided walk from the museum.

In the open-air museum outside, you can also walk by yourself. Then the booklet"On the Trail with Vincent" is handy to use. This is for sale in our museum shop.

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Hiking and biking

After visiting the museum, it is time to go for a walk and see various locations that Vincent painted. Discover the places where he stood, and see what he saw 140 years ago ... and painted. Like walking into a painting of his.
Or grab a bike! Route Nuenen and Route Eindhoven of the Van Gogh Bike Route pass through Nuenen.

As many as 24 locations in Nuenen recall Van Gogh; 14 of them were painted or sketched by him. The remaining objects are statues or buildings with special significance.

Seeing and Doing

News from Nuenen

"And the Brabant that one has dreamed, that is where reality sometimes comes very close... "

Letter 446, Vincent van Gogh to Theo Van Gogh