A comprehensive elementary school curriculum

Van Gogh Brabant and Erfgoed Brabant have developed a fun lesson folder for elementary schools: Brabants Kwartiertje with Van Gogh. This folder contains lesson assignments for lower, middle and upper grades that tie in with the Culture Runner indicators. Brabants Kwartiertje with Van Gogh is about his life, family and his first steps on the artist's path in Brabant. The assignments are short and powerful and can be carried out separately or as a project day or project week.

Brabant Quarter with Van Gogh

Vincents Lichtlab

What is light and how does color work? At Vincents Lichtlab in the Van Gogh Village Museum in Nuenen, children can explore the effects of light and color in a surprising way. Just like Vincent van Gogh did in his time. He experimented with light and perspective in his paintings. Discover the effects of light and color for yourself. Just like Vincent van Gogh in his time. A unique experience.

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Van Gogh coloring and drawing book

The Vincent van Gogh coloring and drawing book is full of hand-drawn prints in which Saskia van Oversteeg has drawn inspiration from Vincent van Gogh's work, life and letters. Especially from his Brabant period, details from still lifes, buildings, trees, flowers and persons are drawn. She drew whole prints, but left out parts of some prints, put dotted lines or numbers. By drawing your own lines from dot to dot and number to number, you draw the print yourself and then color it. This way you make your own Van Gogh! Fun for yourself but also to do with your child(ren)! The book is available in the shops at our heritage sites.

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