Jagtlust with coach house

The house next to the rectory in the tower street in Helvoirt, in addition to Zwijnsbergen Castle, is also owned by the Joan de Jonge van Zwijnsbergen. In 1781, the country house Jaglust was built and became their property some fifteen years later. Not surprisingly, both Zwijnsbergen Castle and Jaglust receive the same facade details when refurbished. The classicist Jaglust is a U-shaped building that has an extra floor in the Napoleonic era, according to a drawing, which was later demolished.

Joan de Jonge moved into the property around 1849 and had a garden laid out. Of this Overtuin, which continues across the road and in fact forms an enclosed park, the family Van Gogh would also be allowed to use it. The spacious carriage house, opposite the rectory, is part of the estate. Presumably Joan's son Marinus occupied Jagtlust at the time of the family's stay Van Gogh; in the early 1880s his children were born here.

Theodorus van Gogh (Vincent's father) also has social contact with this son: Marinus succeeds his father on the church council in 1875 and is also active for the Society of Welfare.


Jagtlust met koetshuis
Torenstraat 45
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