Unveiling special painting in Nuenen

A special painting was unveiled Monday at our museum in a private gathering. It shows the people who have built the region since Van Gogh left Nuenen in 1885.

The work shows a huge contrast: from bitter poverty to great prosperity and high tech, from eating potatoes in a ramshackle hut to two-star restaurant. In the photo you see artist vlnr Jack Liemburg, Paul van Nunen (director Brainport Eindhoven) and finally Frits Philips jr.

The Potato Eaters is the first masterpiece by Vincent Van Gogh. He made this in Nuenen. At work Van Gogh himself is sitting at the table and many leading figures from the East Brabant business community are eating with him. On the right in the picture you see youngest generation with star chef Soenil Bahadoer of the Lindehof, together with representatives of VDL, Simac and ASML.

Today's symposium focused on the role of cooperatives. Speakers include Professor Gabriel van den Brink and outgoing Minister Karien van Gennip whose grandmother Frida van Gennip is pictured in the painting.

The symposium will conclude with a discussion centered on cooperation. Participants include Gabriel van den Brink, Eric van Schagen of VNO-NCW Brabant Zeeland, Katja Pahnke of Prodrive Technologies, Leo Bisschops of KBO Brabant, real estate director Aad van Leeuwen, Marc Cootjans of Rabobank and Paul van Nunen, director of Brainport Development.