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Enjoy culture and scenery with Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh and the Netherlands are inextricably linked. The world-famous artist drew his inspiration from the beautiful landscapes of provinces such as Drenthe and North Brabant. His letters, drawings and paintings make you realize how special and diverse our country is. Anno now, little has changed in many of those places.
That fact alone makes Van Gogh close by in various villages and towns and in the countryside.

Visit, discover, experience Rural Van Gogh now and experience for yourself the cross-pollination between cultural offerings and the landscape that so inspired Van Gogh.

New: Van Gogh Village Nuenen Museum

It's almost here... In May 2023, the brand new Van Gogh Village Nuenen Museum (formerly Vincentre) will open its doors. If you are also so curious and can't wait, book your tickets today!


Experience Van Gogh in Brabant outdoors

Forests, moors, fens, polders, sand drifts and babbling brooks. They were a lifelong source of inspiration and contemplation for Vincent. Would you also like to discover those beautiful landscapes around Zundert, Tilburg, Etten-Leur, Helvoirt and Nuenen? We tip off a number of areas and cycling and walking routes for you.

Van Gogh outside

Discover Van Gogh in Drenthe outdoors

Get to know the Drenthe countryside of Van Gogh while cycling! You will see what Vincent saw here, how he came to new insights in Drenthe, who he met and what landscape he was looking for.

What was it like here in Drenthe in 1883 and what was going on? How did people live and what kind of work did they have? Around Emmen, Hoogeveen and Zweeloo you can now follow three different signposted routes. Along the way you will encounter vista panels with listening stories and you will cycle past meters-high murals.

Van Gogh routes in Drenthe

2023 is a great year...

Van Gogh Brabant, Marketing Drenthe, VisitBrabant and the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) will work closely together in the coming years to shape The Rural Van Gogh.

This year marks exactly 140 years since Vincent van Gogh arrived in New Amsterdam, Drenthe, and the same year he moved to Nuenen, North Brabant.

The coming years will see increased collaboration to connect the heritage of Vincent van Gogh in North Brabant and Drenthe.

By establishing the relationship with the landscape where the painter found his inspiration, the cooperating partners want to develop new sustainable tourist offerings for visitors who are interested in small scale and the combination of culture and nature.

2023 is a great year for Van Gogh lovers and those who need to get to know Van Gogh a little better. In September, for example, Drenthe is coming up with a special Van Gogh exhibition at the Drents Museum and a reopening of the Van Gogh House in Nieuw Amsterdam/Veenoord.

And in North Brabant - where Vincent was born, lived most of his life and produced most of his drawings and paintings - on April 20, Van Gogh Village Nuenen Museum (formerly Vincentre) reopens its doors!