Van Gogh Bicycle route

Van Gogh Bicycle route

  • 435 kilometers of cycling fun
  • 10 Van Gogh routes
  • The Van Gogh Monuments in view
  • Descriptions in Dutch, English and German
  • 5 route maps + an overview map in one set
  • Each bike map includes two bike routes and information about sights along the way
  • Bike maps cost €4.65 each
  • In addition, there is the deluxe gift box. In it you will find, in addition to five cycling maps, an overview map of the entire cycling route in North Brabant. A wonderful gift!
  • The Van Gogh bike route and gift box can be ordered online
  • But they are also for sale in the museum stores in Nuenen, Zundert and Etten-Leur

Video & Routes

- Zundert: Van Gogh bike route northeast. 56 km. Info.
-Zundert: Van Gogh bike route northwest. 25 km. Info.
-Etten-Leur: Van Gogh bicycle route South. 29 km. Info.
-Etten-Leur: Van Gogh bicycle route North. 32 km. Info.
-Nuenen: Van Gogh bicycle route. 49 km. Info.
- Eindhoven: Van Gogh bicycle route. 39 km. Info.
- Helvoirt :Van Gogh bicycle route. 21 km. Info.
-'s-Hertogenbosch: Van Gogh bicycle route. 31 km. Info.
- Tilburg: Van Gogh bicycle route. 48 km. Info.
- Breda: Van Gogh bicycle route. 33 km. Info.

All Van Gogh cycling routes in Brabant

Yummy say: food routes!

Will you join us on a culinary voyage of discovery? Follow in the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh and be inspired by special stories about Brabant's food culture during one of our Bicycle Food Routes. Take for example the route 'A taste of Van Gogh'. On this 70 kilometer cycling route everything comes together: enjoying nature and landscape, heritage and Burgundian food and drink.

Sample these and other Foodroutes

Enjoy nature, landscape and heritage

Brabant life and landscape are the basis of Vincent van Gogh's work. He was born and raised in Brabant and through trial and error developed into a painter.
How nice and special it is to be able to cycle through this story!



Van Gogh Monuments
The Dommel


While biking you will also pass our visitor centers. Tickets are available at the counter in the shops. Arranging tickets in advance is convenient and can be done through these direct links. You don't have to print them out. They can also be scanned from your phone: