Experience Van Gogh in the region

Out and about in the region

Combine a visit to Van Gogh Etten-Leur with more. With a walk or a bike ride through the nature that was so dear to Vincent's heart. With a snack and a drink. Or combine your visit with, for example, Van Gogh's birthplace Zundert or bustling Breda with Princenhage. Or discover more (religious) heritage in nearby Oudenbosch. May we inspire you?
(More regional tips to follow)

Staying overnight in Etten-Leur

Etten-Leur has a variety of options for lodging. The Van Gogh municipality has 4 hotel accommodations, several b&b's, a villa and 2 campsites. We have listed some options.

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The Vincent van Gogh Etten-Leur Foundation is part of the collaboration Van Gogh Brabant .
Their common goal is to make visible the Brabant biography of Van Gogh, in order to achieve a better understanding of the story behind his drawings, his paintings and behind the person Vincent van Gogh. The sites together tell the story of Vincent van Gogh in Brabant.

  • Breda

    Visit historic and vibrant Breda. The city has three Van Gogh Monuments: the Grote Kerk in the center and Villa Mertersem and the Haagveld cemetery in the Princenhage district. The Blind Walls Gallery is also a must-see!

  • Zundert

    Vincent van Gogh was born here on March 30, 1853. Zundert has six Van Gogh monuments. Visit the Van GoghHuis (with VVV) as a living art center. A nice, compact walk is available of about 20 minutes. The booklet leads you along the highlights.

  • Nuenen

    Nuenen can be considered an open-air museum. Start your visit to Van Gogh Village Nuenen at museum Vincentre (with VVV) and immerse yourself in the many stories surrounding Vincent's first masterpiece: the potato eaters. Various walking and cycling routes are available at the VVV.

  • 's-Hertogenbosch

    Het Noordbrabants Museum (HNBM) is the only museum location in the southern Netherlands to house original works by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890). They tell the story in the Vincent van Gogh room of the artist's Brabant origins and his great fascination with farm life and landscape.


"Vincent in a letter to Theo, March 23, 1877 "

"...try to be at Etten at Easter, if we are together again it will be good again.-"